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Mavsign helps auto dealerships with the finance contracts that go outside their store area by pairing our state commissioned notaries with their customers anywhere in the US. Choose the fast, secure, accurate way to handle remote signings.


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The infographic shows which duties are delegated to each contributor of the Mavsign Offsite Signing process. The dealer sends the documents to the notary who delivers them to the client for signing and the scheduler coordinates the entire process.

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Our custom workflow and platform connects dealers with our network of certified mobile notaries. This enables out of state purchases with secure and fast contracts signed outside the dealership. With Offsite Signings, notaries will meet with the signers and will provide all the necessary documents. A fast, easy, and safe solution for your dealership and customers.

3 to 7 business days completion time

Optional: Remote VerifyID, Rush, Upload

Some documents, such as DMV paperwork, will still require a wet signature. Finalize your eContracting with MavLite. A mobile notary brings and witnesses the dealer's documents signing. The package includes Maverick's exclusive Affidavit of Identity and thumbprint collection as well as the mandatory remote VerifyID security process.

3 to 5 business days completion time

Mandatory Remote VerifyID security process

Remote VerifyID combines an optimal image capture experience validating that the ID document presented is genuine and unaltered. Adding a second layer of identity proofing, VerifyID ties the portrait extracted from the ID document with a selfie by doing a biometric face comparison.

Real-time response and results

Step up to
Agent Assist

Dealers can instantly check the car buyers’ or prospects’ ID via the Mavsign mobile app. This quick and easy procedure gives the Finance Manager immediate Pass or Fail results. Three simple steps toward a secure way to say “yes” to more good customers.

Real-time response and results

Step up to
Agent Assist

What we do for you

The benefits of registering with Mavsign

Risk-free Signings

Dealership Red Flag compliance, Notary expertise and escalation to our forensic team

Expert Fraud Team

Mavsign due diligence on all Offsite Signings for Fraud attempts and inconsistencies

Real-time Responses

Client validation Pass or Fail responses received immediately after submission

Streamline Operations

Dealership processes easier to manage with the Mavsign platform

Time-saving Processes

Dealership workflow expedited by reliable modern tech infrastructure

Dealership Checklist

Avoid missing signatures on your complete set of documents

Service Guarantee

No additional charges for Mavsign’s correction of errors, should they occur

Why choose Us

The Mavsign expertise

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15+ Years of Experience

Our trusted expertise of error-free remote signing experiences.

  • The leader and nationwide authority in Offsite Signings
  • Automotive contract solutions created by industry professionals


3000+ Dealerships

We help the nation’s largest dealerships grow.

  • Safe sales outside the dealership with remote signings
  • Secure client validation for in-store and offsite customers


50 States

We cover safe remote signings around the entire nation.

  • Nationwide Identity Validation and remote signings
  • Increased sales and profitability by reaching a national market


400K+ Contract Signings

We secured over 400K contract signings.

  • Accurate risk-free signing processes and Client Validation
  • Fast document turnaround time for completed signings
A phone with a driver's license photo on the screen and the actual ID next to it.
A feminine hand holding a pen and signing a document.


10,000+ Certified Notaries

Our growing network of certified mobile notaries.

  • Dealers’ liaisons to remote signings 
  • Assurance that contract signing is expedited for offsite clients


$75M+ Savings on Fraud

We prevent fraudulent attempts on contract signings.

  • Dealership Red Flag compliance implementation
  • Mavsign due diligence on potential Fraud attempts


What our partners say about us

Mercedes Benz of Tampa
Mercedes Benz of Tampa
Read More
Maverick has changed the way we do business on the internet. It enables us to sell more cars and finance people thus creating more profit!
Dessert Honda
Dessert Honda
Read More
If you aren't using Maverick Signings for your out-of-state or out-of-store signings your just not thinking clearly. I highly recommend you call the folks at Maverick signings so they can eliminate your risk like they did with my dealership.
South Bay Jaguar
South Bay Jaguar
Read More
Peace of mind! Easy to use! Builds confidence!
Land Rover Encino
Land Rover Encino
Read More
Easy to use! They understand car people!
Freemont BMW
Freemont BMW
Read More
Peace of Mind! Cheap insurance.
Henderson BMW
Henderson BMW
Read More
Made the offsite process much easier and relieved the concern of any fraudulent activity.
South Bay Toyota
South Bay Toyota
Read More
"What Mavericks means to us is security. This service offers peace of mind knowing that our documents and customers are being handled by professionals. As you know, identity theft is very real and by using your service it significantly reduces that threat!"
Porsche Financial Services
Porsche Financial Services
Read More
Maverick is a strong partner with many of our dealers to help mitigate identity fraud. Highly recommended.
Fletcher Jones Imports
Fletcher Jones Imports
Read More
"I just wanted to take the time to say how efficient and helpful everyone at Maverick signings is. I was apprehensive when we were told to use this service but you have proved to me time and time again how great it is to have someone to cover the dealership with a professional notary service and people who genuinely care."
Client identity validation using the Mavsign infrastructure. The infographic shows which parties are involved in the process and their duties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Notaries

General Questions

For Offsite Signings, Maverick schedulers are available from Monday to Friday 7:00AM - 5:30PM Pacific Time and Saturdays 9:00AM - 1:00PM Pacific Time. Notaries availability is dependent on local time as well as their independent contractor schedule. Instore Maverick options are available to Dealerships anytime during Dealership business hours.

With the combined Dealership safeguards and the Notary lending their industry knowledge and practices, Maverick is the safest signing option on the market. We pride ourselves on customer privacy throughout and after each signing. Customers and purchases are vetted to ensure accuracy and compliance.

Unfortunately, no. Our network of remote notarization options deals only with the automotive industry.  

Yes, although we don’t know the full scale of your operations yet, we do know our product; it’s fully customizable and works just as well on your dealership and your flagship/Corporation.

Sign up on our dealer registration page to streamline your operations, securely manage Offsite Signings, and expand your digital market.

Please visit the page dedicated to the Mavsign notaries. There you will find more information and the notary registration form. We look forward to hearing from you!

With Mavsign you get the premier Offsite Signing experience - complete document package for your customers in all 50 States including Alaska and Hawaii. We do not cover any US territory including Guam, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands

Once Maverick receives the Offsite Signing Order from your Dealership, it will be assigned a dedicated Scheduler to assist throughout the signing process. Once Maverick acquires a notary, one of our Schedulers will provide detailed information about your signing via email. Our standard turnaround time is 4 to 6 days but can vary depending on situational circumstances. If you have questions regarding Mavericks' role in your signing, please contact your Dealership representative.


Mavsign provides a number of fast and secure onsite and offsite professional services for the retail automotive industry. In partnership with the Dealerships, Maverick will pair your offsite customer with a state commissioned notary in order to facilitate a smooth and accurate signing. Our Remote VerifyID and InStore VerifyID services are encouraged as additional fraud prevention practices through accurate client validation. Learn more about our services.

Certain affidavits, deeds and powers of attorney may not be legally binding unless they are properly notarized. Some states may require notarization of certain DMV documents or contracts. Private entities and individuals may require notarization to strengthen the document and to protect it from Fraud.

No. A notarization typically means the signer acknowledged to the notary that they signed the document stating the affirmation of their identity pertaining to their transaction. Documents with a notarization requirement must have the appropriate notarial verbiage present.

A Maverick Scheduler is only available on our Offsite Signings. All instore services are completed by a dealership representative and do not require a Maverick Scheduler. Our technical team is available for both offsite and instore assistance. 

These cases are automatically escalated to our Fraud Team who are always on stand-by to manually review each situation. With Mavericks VerifyID software, thumbprinting requirement, strict compliance and years of experience, our safeguards in place for each offsite signing add several crucial layers to the fight against fraud. Mavericks Fraud Team will reach out to the Dealership for relevant customer information that may have been provided to the Dealership to secure and start the signing process.

Our Maverick notary will meet with the signer provided by the Dealership. At the signing the notary will collect the customers DL/Passport as well as any other  identification requested by the Dealership.

Once a Dealership submits an order to Maverick the signer will receive the VerifyID secure link via SMS text.

The 3-step process is extremely easy, user friendly and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Once the customer consents to the image capturing they will use the self guided prompts via the text link. They must capture a clear photograph of their ID, take a selfie and submit. That’s all. The VerifyID software and our Maverick team will do the rest.

First, we ask our clients to repeat the process. If the second attempt fails as well, the case will automatically be sent to our Assist team.

The fastest reevaluation takes less than 5 minutes. Some cases will require further research to ensure the authenticity of the client’s ID. Our experts usually solve these issues in less than 2 hours during business hours and are the optimal tool for identity theft protection.

Over 10,000 certified notaries everywhere in the US are part of the Mavsign team and their numbers keep growing.


Most dealerships only go after off-site or out-of-state business when the risk is minimal. Otherwise, you are playing with fire—and you will get burned. The drawbacks to off-site signings have been waiting for money to clear, lengthy contract transit times, or documents not signed correctly. In addition, you face the possibility of fraudulent transactions or money-laundering scams. Maverick is your finance department's liaison, your eyes and ears outside the dealership. Our signers are all state-commissioned, trained and Maverick-certified to handle your transactions quickly and accurately.

Yes, it streamlines off-site documentation signing and reduces the inherent risks of these transactions while your store increases sales and profitability. We are a great addition to your organization's Red Flag Compliance program!

The Maverick notary will ask to see a current driver's license or passport for each signer.  An Affidavit of Identity is filled out and notarized for each signer. These affidavits are returned with your docs to be filed with the deal. In addition, Maverick follows our own internal procedures for red flag notification and implements other safeguards as Maverick deems necessary.

It depends on your store needs. The Classic Maverick signing pack enables you to send any number of documents to be signed by your customer. It also gives you the option to choose the VerifyID security process, expedite the completion time with Rush and Upload the documents for the notary. A lighter version is MavLite. It involves the same mechanism but with the ability to provide a maximum of 5 pages of documents to be signed and the VerifyID process is mandatory. To only validate the clients’ identities you have two simple and effective options. Remote VerifyID allows your offsite customers to validate their identity through Mavsign’s trusted platform on their mobile devices with instant responses. InStore VerifyID gives real-time responses for ID verifications for all in-store prospects.

Depending on your dealership needs, we have three price plans to choose from.

Yes. The size or client base of car dealerships will never be a setback in using our product at its full capacity. The platform we use scales well to any seller. Register your dealership to safely move more cars for clients anywhere in the US!

The turnaround time for our classic offsite signings is 3 to 7 business days. Completion time can be expedited by selecting RUSH when the order is submitted. Our Mavlite and Upload order options have the same turnaround time and are dependent on the standard or RUSH selected.

The remote VerifyID and in store VerifyID processes can produce  instant responses based on the customer's completion.

The Mavsign platform is very straightforward and user-friendly. We advise Dealers to take a look around its features and start putting in their orders. Should you have any questions, the integrated help desk is there to assist.

This process takes around 10 to 15 minutes for the typical user.

Recognizing and understanding the signs is key in aiding the fight against Fraud. Following your Dealership compliance requirements along with using Maverick and utilizing our VerifyID software for all offsite and instore signings will significantly decrease if not completely eliminate the opportunity for fraud to occur.

If your Dealership suspects fraud or identity theft on a Maverick signing please contact us immediately. The quicker our Fraud Team is contacted the quicker we can assist in completing our strict fraud procedures and the greater the chances are to stop the fraudulent activity.

Having our trusted notaries collect a thumbprint for each signer is a crucial step in fraud prevention. We understand that some customers can be sensitive to this request. From our experience, when the Dealership informs the customer of this request ahead of time it significantly cuts down on customer apprehension. In the event Law Enforcement gets involved in a fraud situation, the print can be the difference between a complete vehicle recovery or a complete loss.

Yes. The size of car dealerships will never be a setback in using our product at its full capacity. The platform we use scales well to any seller, big or small. Register your dealership to move more cars safely for clients anywhere in the US!

Because it can do better than fine. It can do great! Not only will you be able to close sales with customers who find your stock online but also add additional reassurance with your inhouse signers. Mavericks unmatched fraud compliance, our verification software and the expertise of our entire team creates not just a fine Dealership but a better partnership. Contact us and we’ll answer all of your questions!


Once your notary profile has been completed, you will be contacted for orders based on your proximity to the customer, your availability and credentials. For example, if you don’t have the ability to print documents but the order contains files uploaded by the dealer, then you will not be matched with the customer, even if you are the closest to them. The same goes for the situation in which you might be the closest notary to the client, but they are in a neighboring state in which you are not commissioned.

Mobile notaries will be paid per signing for services rendered on a net 30 from completion and AOI uploaded to Maverick through your notary portal. Compensation is similar to a mortgage loan signing, although the engagement typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Mileage/time adjustments for out-of-area signings will be negotiated prior to your acceptance of the signing. Agreed-upon terms will be noted on the notary confirmation.

Mobile notaries are an essential element in the Mavsign infrastructure. Two main reasons for lengthy or even abandoned signing by the customer are missing signatures on documents and their ability to negotiate deals with other dealerships based on the contracts they were sent. The notary’s presence at the signing makes sure that these two instances are avoided. We need competent, full-time, mobile notaries located throughout the nation to complete our automotive-related signings.

In most cases original Dealer documents will be overnighted to the delivery address in your notary profile. In other cases, the Dealership will provide printable Dealer documents that the notary will print out in order to complete the signing.

If you are already qualified as a notary, fill in the registration form and we’ll let you know how soon the onboarding process can start for you. The frequency in which you receive signings is dependent on the orders submitted by the Dealership.

A Maverick Affidavit is provided and printable via the confirmation email once a notary agrees to complete the signing.