“Hello, thank you for the opportunity to tell you how much it is a pleasure to work with your company. My name is Sharon Smith, I am a commissioned Notary Public in the state of Michigan. I have been completing notarial services since 2006. My duties entail witnessing signatures of signers, certifying, and notarizing required documents. My first introduction to Maverick Signings came via the pleasant voice of Ms.Tammy Barry. Ms. Barry explained clearly and exactly what I was required to do to get the job done as required by their client. Within 24 hours of accepting the assignment, the package arrives at my home via overnight service, giving me the time to review the documents and observe my function in the process prior to the procedure. I really value this delivery method because as I have noticed, neither package has been the same as the previous, therefore the delivery method allows me to be prepared when I arrive at the signers' home, assuring a timely,efficient, and smooth signing process, and insuring an error free package returned to it's recipient. I welcome calls from Maverick Signings and look forward to many more.”

Sharon Smith


“Hi, my name is Robin, I've been a Notary for 7 years and I've worked independently for Maverick Signings for over 2 years now. Without a doubt, Maverick is the most professional company that I have ever worked for. Their staff is amazing as well as their service to their clients. They make the signing process so easy because they are so well organized. Maverick, in my opinion, is the very best in the business and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to work for them! ”

Robin Jesseman


“I have worked with many different signing companies, but Mavericks is special. They pay you promptly with no additional overhead. Its great that I don't have to print documents or make copies. The time I spend with the borrower is cut in quarter of the time I normally spend with other companies clients for the same pay because there is much less paperwork! Mavericks makes everything easy and convenient. Mavericks is a diamond in the rough and I am happy I found them!”

Adam Abraham

New York,

“I own Miami Notary, LLC which is a mobile signing company, and I have done business in numerous occasions with Maverick Signings. They are top notch in what they do. Very professional, they are always there when I need to contact them while in a closing for any assistance. I signed up with them about a year ago, and the experience has been nothing short of great. They are very organized, the documents get to me on time, the appointments are already scheduled with the clients in advance, and most importantly “they pay on time". It has been a great business relationship; one that I hope it keeps growing in time, and needless to say, I highly recommend them to anyone thinking about conducting business with them”

Marcelo Leus-Florida

Miami Notary, LLC

“I have worked for Maverick and I like them a lot. Auto loans are easy to do, takes about 15 minutes. Maverick’s pay is good for a 15 minute job. They overnight the doc's so you have no printing cost. They also pay on time to, how about that they are one of the best. I would take all the work I can get form them.”

JoAnn Baracosa

Oregon Mobile Notary

“I have 17 years experience in document signings and Maverick Document Signings is one of the most professional companies I have ever worked for. The signings are always well organized, which makes the signing process much easier. As a signing agent, I can say that Maverick Document Signings is among the best in the business. I thoroughly enjoy working with the whole Maverick Document Signings team!”

Christine Ortiz

Notary Signing Agent (Maui, HI),

“We have been notaries for Maverick Document Signing since March 2011. We have signed hundreds of car leases and loan documents for them. Their staff is always professional and very pleasant to work with. They deal with many companies so there is always lots of work to be done. We very much appreciate that payments are sent out in a timely manner. All in all, my favorite company to work with. Thanks Maverick.”

Larry and Wendy Mills

“The team at Maverick Signings are a joy to work with. They are extremely professional, trustworthy and thorough. I highly recommend them for all of your signing needs!”

Yale M Fiedler Florida Notary

Mobile Signing Agent

“Maverick Signings is a well-run company with appreciative clients all over the U.S. They offer a simple, well-run service that is painless to all parties involved, and I have enjoyed being a member of their notary network for many years. The people at Maverick give every bit of support we require to get the job done, they treat us like fellow team members, and they always, always pay precisely on time. All signing companies could learn from their example. ”

Violet L. O'Brien


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