Most commonly asked questions

How will I be paid?

Notaries will be paid for services rendered on a net 30 from completion and AOI uploaded to Maverick through your notary portal. Compensation is similar to a mortgage loan signing, although the engagement typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete. Maverick Signings stands behind our notaries and understands that your time is valuable. Therefore, if the signing is completed and the transaction does not go through, you will still be paid for your services. (This policy will be valid as long as it is not due to notary error, missed signatures or failure to complete the AOI.) Adjustments for exceptions will be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. Mileage/time adjustments for out-of-area signings will be negotiated prior to your acceptance of the signing. Out-of-area signings are 30 miles or more from your office as determined by the delivery address in your notary profile. Agreed-upon terms will be noted on the notary confirmation.

Why does Maverick Signings need professional mobile notaries?

Over the past seven years, Maverick Signings has been aggressively marketing and securing accounts for our auto division. We need competent, full-time, mobile notaries located throughout the nation to complete our automotive-related signings.

How does an automotive signing differ from a mortgage signing?

Although the signing typically takes less time, its many forms and signatures may be unfamiliar to the average notary. Automobile sales documents vary in appearance, and the disbursement of client copies is completely different than it is for mortgages. We are aware that numerous states already require certain automotive documents to be notarized. Many lenders are reluctant to lend to out-of-state borrowers or co-signers because of the inherent risks of fraud. That is why the need for mobile notaries is so great. E-signings may someday be a way of life, although the same problems lie with not knowing who you are really dealing with.

How do I receive automotive documents?

Unlike mortgage signings, dealer documents for automotive signings are not e-documents and require no printing. Documents will be overnighted to the delivery address in your notary profile.  

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